Dubai – Importance of Open Data

Living in Dubai for almost a decade I realized that the forward looking and innovative approach has always created opportunities and made Dubai ahead of its competitors. The initiative of Smart City, Data Strategy, Artificial Intelligence and 3D printing are few important areas where Dubai is far ahead and having proper road map in place.

Since I moved towards data focused learning and personal grooming in terms of data visualization and reporting, I found Dubai a place where you have every opportunity to realize your dream of being known and appreciated in your field if your are doing exceptional work.

First I evaluated data available on Dubai Statistics Department’s site which was in much organized manner and was ready to be used for impressive visualizations. I created report based on RTA’s data couple of years back which provide great insight to the operations of RTA in terms of Metro, Taxis and Water Transports.

Water fleet

When I read Dubai’s Data Strategy and Its road map to enable Dubai Government’s entities share and collaborate data, I started thinking of using this data in best possible ways. Smart Dubai is working on different initiatives among those Dubai Pulse stand out as it provides repository of open datasets which can be of great use if utilized properly. Since open data is available on As-Is basis you cannot expect it to be in perfect form, however information hidden in these files need to be cleverly extracted.
The important part is designing meaningful report with simple story to tell which can grab attention and explain its purpose without the help or assistance. For this I selected number of entities to work on their data. Following are couple of examples for the same.
Following are few examples of reports created using open data of Dubai Pulse. Reports are fairly simple in terms of understanding information hidden inside open data.
Dubai Customs
DC Report based on Dubai Pulse

Click here to view report in action


Dubai Health Authority

Licensed Professionals Registered with DHA

Click here to see report in action


Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing – Dubai

Epermit Report

Click here to see report in action

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority – DEWA

Dewa Report Snapshot

Click here to see report in action

I am presently working on other reports which may be updated soon.

Keep following this post for more examples.

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