Professional Tooltips in Microsoft Power BI

Professional tooltips 2

Recently I have conducted an online session titled “Professional Tooltips in Microsoft Power BI”. This session was well attended and lot of use cases were shared. To facilitate participants and other Power BI community members who wish to explore the same can download sample pbix file through the link shared below.

The video link is also shared with complete walk-through of the file. This is to be noted that there are lot more possibilities but due to shortage of time only few were shared to give better understanding to session participants who can later explore and enhance these examples.

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Live Link to Report

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Sample File Download Link

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Dubai Police Report – Based on Open Data available on Dubai Pulse

You all know that I am very much fond of working on open data and especially about Dubai. I have recently created a report based on open data of Dubai Police. This is a good usecase as it gives a very good insight for traffic incidents. The same example can be implemented for other cities as scenarios are fairly similar in all cities.

First I created a summary report which was based on overall data. In summary you cannot put so much information, however the report was fairly informative giving quick overview of trends and patterns.

After completing summary report I then worked on one more page/report which was focusing on only one type/classification of incident at a time. This gives detailed information about individual incident type. For cases where human lives are at risk, this report can help in identifying problem locations and time slots to derive action plan to minimize such incidents. I may add few more pages in future but my prime purpose was to provide a good example to start with such data.

Report can be seen live through following link. (Note: Page 1 is a summary – Page 2 is for individual incidents)

Click here to view report

Page 1 – Summary

Dubai Police Incident Report Snapshot

Page 2 – Individual Incident Report

Report indicates where such accidents happened along with hour of the day having more accidents.

Dubai Police Report - Details

I am presently working on more usecases which will be shared later. I can be reached for similar projects in consultancy and/or development roles on my UAE number Cell: 0501167826

Animated Tooltips in Power BI

Tooltips are always good when you wish to keep your report viewers focused on a report by providing extra information on the same page through mouse over. Although default tooltip and custom tooltips are good for showing static information, you sometimes need to show animated content like trends and behaviors based on historic data.

Recently I did an experiment with tooltips by incorporating animated content. The experiment was fairly successful as lot of viewers on LinkedIn viewed my post and requested details about how this was implemented. For those who wish to experiment tooltip I have decided to pen down steps to help enthusiasts and professionals to try animated tooltips in their reports.

Mall Traffic Image

Click here to see report in action!

For this example I have created a sample report with fictitious data to show mall traffic. Nowadays, lot of tools are available to capture mall traffic with intelligent cameras and applications to recognize type of visitors. This example assumes that data file is having records of mall visitors bifurcated based on gender and age.

I have used calculated columns and measures to create dynamic titles of visuals to behave according to the selected content. A source pbix file is also included to enhance this example further.

Visitors were classified through following table. Unicode characters were used to show respective icons.

Table: Classification

Classification Unichar
Infants 128118
Boys 128102
Girls 128103
Men 128104
Women 128105
Cars 128662


Mall Traffic is shown in following table assuming that data is classified based on visitor type. Additionally a column is added to show traffic in terms of cars parked in the mall parking area. This kind of example may help mall management in identifying peak parking months.

Table: Mall Traffic (Note: this is not a full list)

Year Month Boys Girls Men Women Infants Cars
2016 1 23000 19000 34000 39000 5000 800
2016 2 18900 18000 40000 42000 7000 1100
2016 3 14800 17000 46000 45000 9000 1200
2016 4 10700 16000 52000 48000 11000 1450
2016 5 6600 15000 58000 51000 13000 900
2016 6 11000 14000 64000 54000 15000 1000
2016 7 21000 17000 59000 49000 14000 1100
2016 8 31000 20000 54000 44000 13000 670
2016 9 41000 23000 49000 39000 12000 800
2016 10 23000 19000 34000 39000 5000 930
2016 11 18900 18000 40000 42000 7000 1060
2016 12 19000 22000 46000 45000 9000 1190
2017 1 10700 16000 52000 48000 11000 1185
2017 2 21000 15000 58000 51000 13000 1180
2017 3 11000 14000 64000 54000 15000 1175
2017 4 21000 17000 59000 49000 14000 1170
2017 5 31000 20000 54000 44000 13000 1165
2017 6 41000 23000 49000 39000 12000 1160
2017 7 11000 15000 58000 51000 13000 1200
2017 8 11000 14000 64000 54000 15000 1215
2017 9 21000 17000 59000 49000 14000 1230
2017 10 31000 20000 54000 44000 13000 1245
2017 11 41000 23000 49000 39000 12000 1260
2017 12 23000 19000 34000 39000 5000 1000

 Model Diagram

Model Diagram below is showing relationship between two tables used. I have used additional columns and measures to perform analysis. Tables were transformed through edit query to make it analysis friendly. You may find query editing steps in sample pbix file.

Mall Traffic

 Play Axis Visual

I have used “Play Axis” custom visual to create animation on tooltip pages (You can import the same from the marketplace).  It was deliberately kept behind the clustered bar chart to work in background. “Year” column was selected in the field well to run tooltip based on years. In other tooltips, I have also used visitors’ classifications for animation.

PlayAxis Tooltip

Following settings were done in the format section of “Play Axis”.

PlayAxis Tooltip2

Calculated Columns and Measures

Following calculated columns were used for different reasons.

Calculated columns for creating icons

UnicharIcon = UNICHAR(Classification[Unichar]) 

Measures used for dynamic titles of different visuals and tooltips. These measures show values based on selections made through “Play Axis”.
AllYears = CONCATENATEX(VALUES(MallTraffic[Year]),MallTraffic[Year],” | “, MallTraffic[Year])
AllClassifications = CONCATENATEX(VALUES(MallTraffic[Icon]),MallTraffic[Icon], “| “)
AllClass = CONCATENATEX(VALUES(MallTraffic[VisitorClassification]),MallTraffic[VisitorClassification],” | “)
How to see animated tooltips.
Following visuals (marked with red arrows below) were configured for tooltips. You can check with mouseover to see tooltips in action. Keep holding your mouse to see animation effects. For cards, you have to keep your mouse over the figures and for line chart, keep mouse over the required node.
This document is not covering method for creating tooltips as this is assumed that you are aware of the normal procedure of creating tooltip pages.
Following picture indicate how you can associate tooltip with your visual. However, you have to be sure that the field(s) used in your visuals are used in your tooltips otherwise it will not work.
You may download complete files including sample Excel file from the following link.
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Sample Visualizations using Power BI

EZPowerBI is going to showcase sample visualizations and reports to understand capabilities of PowerBI. This is absolutely necessary to see different sample work to get new ideas and implement the same in your reports.

Data Visualization using open data of Road and Transport Authority Dubai. It is comprising of three screens/pages.

Data Visualization using open data of Dubai Airports.

Data visualization created based on data regarding Planes Crashed in recent years.


EZPowerBI has planned to add content regularly to keep visitors up to date about latest trends and features.