Dubai Police Report – Based on Open Data available on Dubai Pulse

You all know that I am very much fond of working on open data and especially about Dubai. I have recently created a report based on open data of Dubai Police. This is a good usecase as it gives a very good insight for traffic incidents. The same example can be implemented for other cities as scenarios are fairly similar in all cities.

First I created a summary report which was based on overall data. In summary you cannot put so much information, however the report was fairly informative giving quick overview of trends and patterns.

After completing summary report I then worked on one more page/report which was focusing on only one type/classification of incident at a time. This gives detailed information about individual incident type. For cases where human lives are at risk, this report can help in identifying problem locations and time slots to derive action plan to minimize such incidents. I may add few more pages in future but my prime purpose was to provide a good example to start with such data.

Report can be seen live through following link. (Note: Page 1 is a summary – Page 2 is for individual incidents)

Click here to view report

Page 1 – Summary

Dubai Police Incident Report Snapshot

Page 2 – Individual Incident Report

Report indicates where such accidents happened along with hour of the day having more accidents.

Dubai Police Report - Details

I am presently working on more usecases which will be shared later. I can be reached for similar projects in consultancy and/or development roles on my UAE number Cell: 0501167826

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