Dubai Police – Impressive Fleet

Dubai Police is unique because of having one of the most expensive fleet in the world. Their fleet includes high speed sports cars as well as expensive luxury vehicles primarily to project soft image of their department in front of large expat community and tourists. When recently they tweeted possible inclusion of Tesla’s Cyber Truck, I was interested in getting proper data of their fleet. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any comprehensive data to work on so I gathered data from different sites including few mentioned below.

Dubai Police Force – Wikipedia

Dubai Police Cars – DubaiFAQs

The National

Finally I gathered sufficient data to work on my next data visualization project. The result was fantastic as I came to know a lot about their fleet and shared the same through my report for those who want to get details on single screen. Furthermore, I used Microsoft Power BI to create fleet catalog which gives a details of individual vehicles.

Report can be viewed live through following link.

View Report

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