Power BI for smarter SMEs


May be you are thinking that the word “Business Intelligence” is not mean for small or medium sized companies. May be your perception is that you need heavy investment to get started with your business intelligence. Sometimes your willingness to get going stops you because of initial licenses and expertise required. If you are really scared because of above factors then Power BI can make you laugh when you will complete your first BI implementation.

Why Power BI is different?

The answer is very simple. Power BI belongs to the Microsoft family which is very familiar to all kinds of users therefore working on a product with similar UI like MS Office family can reduce your learning path to few simple steps only. With cloud and pay as you go model, your upfront cost can be very nominal. There is no barrier to adopt Power BI as the desktop version is for FREE which gives you confidence of evaluating the product before making any serious investment.

Knowledge of Excel

All of us grown with Excel as a compulsory product in our office routine. None of the businessmen can claim that they have never used or heard about Microsoft Excel. This is a big encouragement for those who are planning to adopt Power BI as your MS Excel knowledge can help you up and running very quickly.

How to start?

See your desk and find the routine work you are doing and you will quickly notice that for some of the data you have you lack better insight. The simplest of all is the tasks assigned to your staff. If you are having a team of 5 members who are assigned tasks randomly, a good visualization can help you identify if your task distribution is doing justice? Sometimes you unintentionally overload a good employ without realizing that others are not fully utilized. In the same manner, you can make a visualization to see patterns of customer orders like which of the weekdays are busier so you can plan resources accordingly. For these kind of reports, information present on your desk can be easily transformed.

Take a giant leap

After you are comfortable with routine reports, it’s time to take a giant leap. You need serious efforts to go deep in to your data because in some cases you’re facing losses due to unknown reasons which can only be spotted with true implementation of business intelligence solution. Power BI can help you connect with your variety of data sources to merge, consolidate and transform data into a meaningful BI reports and visualization. Analytic features of Power BI will raise your eyebrows because you will be able to see trends and patterns never seen before.

Informed decision making for success

If you are still betting on your luck to succeed, then this may not help you in longer run. Companies are quickly adopting BI and Analytics to take informed decisions. May be your competitors are now relying on BI more than you and that may help your competitors beat you very often in critical business deals. Power BI can help you grab information quickly while raising flags to help you make the right move by saving more and investing in areas which are trending and ensuring better returns.

Explore Power BI

This is high time that a timely decision is taken to get started with BI and Analytics with Power BI. Once you get comfortable with reporting, drilldowns and analysis, you will definitely feel that you have stronger grip on your business than before.

EZPowerBI.com can be contacted for consultancy services for transforming your business to a data focused business.

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